Multiligament Knee Reconstruction

What is multi-ligament knee reconstruction?

Several ligaments in the knee joint can be repaired and rebuilt by a surgical process called multi-ligament knee reconstruction. The medial collateral ligament (MCL), lateral collateral ligament (LCL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are the ligaments that are commonly repaired during a multi-ligament knee reconstruction. The particular set of ligaments that must be rebuilt will depend on your state and the extent of the injury. Typically, grafts are used during the treatment to replace torn or damaged ligaments. The grafts may come from a donor source or other areas of your body, such as the hamstring or patellar tendon. The grafts are subsequently fastened to the bone with screws or other fixation tools for optimal healing and integration.

How does Dr van Niekerk perform the procedure?

A complex surgical operation called multi-ligament knee repair is frequently carried out under general anaesthesia. Dr van Niekerk will make an incision over the knee to access the ligaments that require reconstruction. He will remove any strained or injured knee ligaments. He will then remove a graft which may be from your patellar tendon, quadriceps, or hamstring. An allograft can be utilised as an alternative. The graft will be prepared and sized to fit the particular ligament that needs to be rebuilt. The graft will be fixed to the bone for appropriate healing with screws or other fixation tools holding it in place. A sterile dressing will be put on the knee once the incision is stitched or stapled closed.

What is recovery like?

Most patients with multi-ligament knee repair stay in the hospital for a few days. You will be given painkillers and alternative supportive care during this time while also being watched closely by the medical staff for any indications of difficulties. In addition, you will have to keep your knee elevated, and you may need to use a knee brace or immobiliser to prevent unnecessary movement. Dr van Niekerk may prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of infection.


How long does multi-ligament knee reconstruction take?

The procedure could take three to five hours or even more in some circumstances. The duration of the surgery will vary depending on the patient's demands.

When can I return to work after multi-ligament knee reconstruction?

After a multi-ligament knee reconstruction, most patients can anticipate taking several weeks or months to recover.

How long does it take to recuperate from multi-ligament knee reconstruction?

The healing procedure may take many months to an entire year or more to complete.