What is shoulder labrum reconstruction?

A ring of cartilage called the shoulder labrum surrounds the socket and aids in stabilising the joint. The labrum assists in keeping the upper arm bone’s head in the shoulder blade’s socket. A shoulder labrum tear can happen as a result of trauma or overuse, and it can result in discomfort, weakness, and instability in the shoulder. The torn labrum in the shoulder joint can be repaired or rebuilt surgically using a technique called shoulder labrum reconstruction. In order to inspect and operate on the interior of the shoulder joint, arthroscopic surgery is commonly utilised. Dr van Niekerk can aid in restoring the shoulder joint’s natural structure and functionality by repairing the labrum. The procedure lessens discomfort and enhances stability and range of motion.

How does Dr van Niekerk perform shoulder labrum reconstruction?

The wounded arm is restrained in a particular device while the patient is lying on their back, allowing access to the shoulder joint for surgery, carried out under general anaesthesia. In order to introduce the arthroscope and other surgical tools during the treatment, Dr van Niekerk will first make a few tiny incisions near the shoulder joint. By using an arthroscope with a tiny camera attached, the interior of the shoulder joint can be seen on a monitor. The degree of the labral tear and any further damage to the shoulder joint will be assessed by Dr van Niekerk. The diseased tissue is removed using specialised tools, and the bone surrounding the shoulder socket is prepped for labral repair. The labrum is rebuilt using local labial tissue or a tissue transplant, which can be obtained from either the patient or a donor. Usually, tiny anchors are put into the bone near the labrum to hold the graft to the bone. The graft will eventually merge with the bone and aid in regaining stability and functionality of the shoulder. Following the labrum reconstruction, the wounds are stitched or covered with adhesive strips, and the shoulder is bandaged.

What is recovery like after shoulder labrum reconstruction?

The shoulder area may be painful, swollen, and rigid after the procedure. For a while, generally a few weeks, you will probably wear a sling to keep your arm immobile, and you might need assistance with daily activities like getting dressed, taking care of yourself, and eating. After the treatment, you will likely begin physical therapy to rebuild shoulder strength and range of motion. You will also have regular follow-up appointments with Dr van Niekerk to track your progress and look for any complications. You may gradually raise your activity level as tolerated, but you should refrain from heavy lifting, overhead bending, and other demanding activities. Your shoulder strength and range of motion may increase as you continue physical therapy, allowing you to integrate more challenging activities. Depending on the criteria of your job or your studies, you can resume work or school once Dr van Niekerk permits you.


How long does shoulder labrum reconstruction take?

The surgery typically takes 1-2 hours.

How long does it take to recuperate from shoulder labrum reconstruction?

You should be able to resume exercise within six to twelve months following your operation. Your shoulder should feel more secure and less likely to experience subluxation or dislocation.

Will I need pain medication after shoulder labrum reconstruction?

A prescription will be given to treat pain after the surgery.