Revision Knee Replacement

What is revision knee replacement?

A revision knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which an existing knee prosthesis is removed, and a new one is installed. This treatment usually occurs when the prosthetic knee has deteriorated, been injured, or stopped working correctly. The procedure for a revision knee replacement is more complex than an initial knee replacement because Dr van Niekerk must remove the old prosthesis and any damaged bone or tissue and then rebuild the joint with new parts. Dr van Niekerk may also employ specialised implants or methods to correct any joint instability or bone loss. Surgery aims to restore function, lessen pain, and enhance your quality of life. A revision knee replacement procedure is often advised when an initial knee replacement fails due to damage from use, an infection, or other issues.

How does Dr van Niekerk perform the procedure?

A revision knee replacement is a complicated surgical surgery that removes the current knee implant and substitutes it with new parts. General anaesthesia is administered to ensure you are completely unconscious and pain-free throughout the surgery. Dr van Niekerk creates a knee incision to access the joint and the pre-existing implant. He carefully removes the current implant and any cement or bone fragments that could have come loose. After removing any damaged bone or tissue near the joint, Dr Van Niekerk prepares the remaining bone for the new implant. He places new components, such as new femoral, tibial, and patellar parts, and fixes them in place with cement or other fixation methods. The incision is then stitched or stapled, and Dr van Niekerk covers the wound with a sterile covering.

What does recovery entail?

The rehabilitation following a second knee replacement surgery might be more complex and time-consuming than the recovery from the first. After surgery, patients frequently stay in the hospital for a few days to verify that their pain is adequately controlled, their incision is healing correctly, and they can conduct daily activities like walking, sitting up, and using the restroom without risking complications. The treatment of pain is crucial to the healing process. In order to help you manage pain, Dr van Niekerk may prescribe medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The rehabilitation process is not complete without physical therapy. Patients frequently start physical therapy soon after surgery to increase knee strength and mobility. Following surgery, physical rehabilitation may be required for several weeks or months. A knee brace, crutches, or a walker could be suggested, depending on your particular situation. You should attend regular follow-up visits with Dr van Niekerk so that he can track your progress.


How long does knee revision replacement take?

The duration of a knee revision replacement operation ranges from two to four hours.

Can I return to work after revision knee replacement surgery?

After undergoing revision knee replacement surgery, it could take several weeks or months before you are allowed to resume your job.

How long does it take to recuperate from a revision knee replacement?

Recovery from a knee revision replacement surgery can take several months.