What is arthroscopic Bankart repair?

A form of shoulder instability called anterior shoulder dislocation can be treated with arthroscopic Bankart repair. The most frequent major joint dislocation after a severe injury is the shoulder. A recurrent shoulder dislocation occurs when the upper arm bone (humerus) is forced out of the shoulder socket (glenoid) and returns to position, then moves out of position again. Recurrent shoulder dislocations may restrict your range of motion and create discomfort, weakness, and instability in the shoulder.

How does Dr van Niekerk perform arthroscopic Bankart repair?

The following steps are used to execute arthroscopic Bankart repair, which is commonly done as an outpatient treatment under general anaesthesia or regional nerve block:

  • Preparation – The patient is set up so that Dr van Niekerk can access the shoulder In order to maintain a sterile environment, the surgical team cleans and sterilises the shoulder and then covers the area with drapes.
  • Arthroscopy – In order to place an arthroscope—a tiny tube with a camera attached—into the shoulder joint, Dr van Niekerk creates a tiny skin incision. The camera feeds photos to a monitor to observe the inside of the joint.
  • Repair – Dr van Niekerk utilises specialised tools to sew or secure the ligaments and labrum back into the shoulder He may also decide to repair the shoulder capsule, or perform a Capsulorrhaphy, to help the joint become more stable.
  • Closure – The arthroscope is withdrawn after the repair, and the incisions are either stitched or surgically sealed.

What is recovery like?

Recovery from arthroscopic Bankart repair includes pain management, immobilisation, physiotherapy, activity modification and follow-up appointments. Follow-up visits with Dr van Niekerk are necessary to track your progress and guarantee that the shoulder is healing appropriately. Imaging techniques like X-rays may be used to evaluate how well the repaired ligaments and labrum are healing. In order to guarantee the best possible recovery from surgery, it’s critical to adhere to the advice given by Dr van Niekerk and your physical therapist.


How long does arthroscopic Bankart repair take?

The procedure usually takes about 1-2 hours.

How painful is an arthroscopic Bankart repair?

For the first few days following surgery, most patients experience moderate to severe pain, which can be controlled with painkillers prescribed by Dr van Niekerk.

How long does it take to heal from arthroscopic Bankart repair?

After arthroscopic Bankart repair, most patients can resume their regular activities in three to six months, based on the extent of the damage. A year of recovery could be required for the shoulder to heal and regain its normal strength and function.